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Our preferred investment themes

We invest in innovative, research-intensive companies and established production companies in Germany in compliance with social, ecological and economic investment criteria.

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Established Production Companies

S&I invests in established production companies which are based in Germany and which we can support with our knowledge, experience, expert network and capital. Our companies typically have a significant manufacturing footprint, are well-known and quality leaders and may face operational challenges on their way to growth. We are true partners for long live growth and contribute our own experiences to successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Preferred key areas:

Food │ consumer

Innovation & Research

S&I invests in innovative or research-intensive teams and young companies, sometimes even in the university spin-off stage, and support these companies in their journey to become a true innovation or research leader in their field. Our knowledge in building and developing business, to establish efficient company and board structures and the access to our broad expert network in important areas such as production, marketing or regulatory know-how makes the difference for our partner companies. We are not afraid of years without sales and give researchers the time to finalize cutting-edge scientific solutions solving the problems of today’s world.


Our key expertise areas:

IT-security │ life science │ health │ food │ related areas

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