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Our mission

We are convinced that following social and ecological investment criteria and generating competitive returns is not contradictory but can go hand-in-hand. The world's most pressing challenges are too urgent for capital to underperform.

A key element to achieve social and financial objectives is, however, a thorough analytical and rational approach in analyzing and selecting investment opportunities. We apply the analytical tools and experience developed through our more than 50 years of aggregate experience as advisors, founders, partners, investors and board members of established companies, private equity funds and start-ups. Part of our highly qualified and multidisciplinary investment team are also certified sustainability experts with whom we strive to manage and measure the sustainability characteristics of our investments to an increasing extent. Through our diverse network of (i) entrepreneurs, investors and funds investing in various asset classes, transaction types and growth stages, (ii) potential joint venture strategic partners, (iii) operational advisors and (iv) renowned industry experts as well as future team members, we help our investments partners as active partner to grow sustainably and develop them into the future leaders of their field in their respective country or region.

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